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2021 American GI Forum National Conference


We counted down the seconds for 2020 to end so we could start a new year fresh and with a better sense of normalcy. Now, however, we are well into 2021, and things have not changed all that much. We still face the reality of in-person events being delayed or cancelled, but we are tired of  boring hybrid events and we know that this makes this conference more challenging for attendees while sponsors continue to need more connection points and return on their sponsorship investments. This is why this 2021 Conference has to be in-person and successful. It is up to us to help make this a success by attending and participating.

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Please promote this website (it is live now)  and ensure we get as many recommendations as possible for Fort Bragg for MSGT Roy Benavidez and for Fort Hood for either General Richard Cavazos or other recommendations, and recommendations for other bases.   The American GI Forum Community must be heard and here is an opportunity to hear our voice.  Thanks and Best Wishes!