AGIF National Vice Cmdr Lopez Attends Medal Presentation in Wheat Ridge and Valenzuela Mobil Unveiling in Colorado Springs 

Medal Presentation Ceremony

 Amerian GI Forum of Texas Report: Wheat Ridge, CO (September 18th, 2018) – A presentation ceremony   honoring the service of WWII veteran Sergeant William D. Peterson with the China War Memorial Medal. Present among   friends and family, was Major General Mason C. Whitney, former Adjutant General, State of Colorado (left), who presented   Sgt. Bill Peterson with the medal.

 Peterson, and all WWII veterans deserves our respect and gratitude for their service and for their continued dedication to   help build and better our communities upon their return.

Bill is a dear family friend of Colorado State House Representative Jessie Danielson (pictured 2nd).

A well-deserved thanks to, Sergeant Peterson, for his service to our nation.  Thanks also to National Vice Commander Russell Lopez for representing American GI Forum of the US at this ceremony. 

Vice Commander Russell Lopez helped with the research to find which medal SGT Peterson was supposed to be awarded since he did not have an official ceremony when he earned it.

Unveiling of the Valenzuela Veterans Justice Unit
The Valenzuela Brothers who are decorated combat veterans fighting against being deported by the US unveiled their newest tool against the fight for deported military veterans and those who are on the list to be deported.

Colorado State Senator Larry Crowder (R) spoke about deported veterans and his support to bring them home. Mr. Russell Lopez represented the American GI Forum of the US and also spoke in support of the Valenzuela Brothers mission. They plan to visit as many state capitals as they can and bring awareness to their plight. The AGIF-US adopted a resolution supporting the Valenzuela Brothers in 2011 and hopefully made its way into the Whitehouse. 

Also invited were Colorado State Representative Annie Gardener, Kevin Paterson - Leading Knight Elks post 734 Colorado Springs, Jay Magee - Pointman Ministries, Chicago's Susana Sandoval - United Nations human rights commissioner, Russell J Lopez - American GI Forum National Vice Commander, and producer and director of the documentary American Exile, Mr. John Valadez, filming the event to continue the story.