The American GI Forum of the US elected a new slate of officers at the 74th National Conference held in Colorado Spring, CO on July 26-27, 2022.

The officers were duly elected and sworn in and will be the national leadership until the next National Conference.

Congratulations to all: 

National Commander                                National Chairwoman

Luis Vazquez-Contes                                 Leona Flores

Pueblo Chapter                                            Saginaw Chapter

Pueblo, CO                                                  Saginaw, MI


Vice Commander                                       Vice Chairwoman

Frank Archuleta                                        Angela Lopez

Miguel Hernandez, Jr Chapter                    Skyline Chapter

San Antonio, TX                                          Denver, CO


Secretary                                                    Women Secretary

Greg Nichols                                              Laura Flores

San Jose, Chapter                                        5281 Chapter

San Jose, CA                                                Denver, CO


Treasurer                                                   Women Treasurer

Ernesto Montoya                                       Ruth Sanchez

Colorado Springs Chapter                           Pueblo Chapter

Colorado Springs, CO                                  Pueblo, CO


Sgt-at-Arms                                                Youth Chair

Fernando Rodriguez                                 Angel Lopez

Milwaukee #1 Chapter                                Skyline Chapter

Milwaukee, WI                                            Denver, CO