Louis P. Tellez AGIF Pioneer Passed Away December 4, 2015

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: Albuquerque, New Mexico – Louis M. Tellez, a trailblazer and champion of Civil Rights for Hispanic Veterans, passed away on December 4, 2015 at the age of 92.

Louis is survived by his wife, Isabelle Ogaz de Tellez; four children: Inez, Carlos (Stephanie), Celia (Cam), and Monica; and four grandchildren: Stephen, Nicolas, Nathaniel and Alanna.

Louis M. Tellez and his wife Isabelle Tellez de Ogaz are synonymous with The American GI Forum of New Mexico.  They devoted their entire adult life to this organization. They served in many capacities as members, officers and mentors.

Louis and Isabelle were married on May 21, 1955. They are the parents of four children, Inez, Carlos, Celia and Monica.

Louis is a WWII veteran and recognized as one of the trail blazers of the Mexican American Civil Right’s Movement. Since 1948, Louis has been dedicated and committed to the civil rights of Mexican Americans at local state and national levels. He has served as National, State and local Commander. He also served as National Executive Secretary for 14 years at the National Headquarters in Albuquerque.  

He was invited by President Lyndon B. Johnson to meet with him in the Rose Garden at the White House to help prepare the nation for acceptance of the Civil Right’s Act of 1964 and in support of the Community Relations Service. Later he was one of the Mexican American Leaders summoned by President Johnson to a Cabinet Committee Hearing on Mexican American Affairs and to address the problems of the Mexican American Community in the Nation. 

The meeting included all the members of his Cabinet and opened the door for later meetings with Cabinet members.  Besides the Mexican American Leaders, approximately 2,500 delegates nation-wide attended the hearing.

Louis was later called upon by the President to be present at the signing of the Chamisal Treaty between the President of the U.S. and the President of Mexico.  The Treaty between the two countries called upon the U.S. to return land to Mexico along the border adjoining Juarez.

Because of his efforts National Commander Louis Tellez and Founder Dr. Hector P. Garcia were responsible for the appointment of the first Mexican Americans to be named as: EEOC Commissioner of the Inter-Agency Committee on Mexican American Affairs; the first Commissioner of the US. Civil Rights Commission; the first Chairman of the Cabinet Committee and the first delegate to the United Nations.

Louis was an initial board member of SER, and attended the General Session of the United Nations with United States Ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Hector P. Garcia. He was given an award by the Association of the United Nations for Promotion of Human Rights and for his civil rights initiatives. 

A Rosary will be held Monday, Dec 21st, 7:00p.m. at Reflections Funerals & Life Celebrations; Funeral Mass to follow on Tuesday, Dec 22, 10:00a.m. at Immaculate Conception Church. He will be laid to rest at the Veterans cemetery in Santa Fe on Wednesday, December 23rd at 11:15a.m.

Please visit Louis' online guestbook at www.Reflectionoflife.com - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/abqjournal/obituary.aspx?n=louis-p-tellez&pid=176966525&fhid=27101&eid=sp_shareobit#sthash.qVsfq8ST.dpuf