The Lucian Adams Chapter, American GI Forum, Expresses Deepest Condolences Regarding Death of Member Richard G. Perez

By State Commander John Martinez 

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: Houston, Texas -- April 29, 2016 The death of Richard G. Perez is remembered today by the Lucian Adams Chapter, American GI Forum, and we express our deepest condolences to his beloved family and friends. Nuestros pesames!

We remember his heroic accomplishments. He was honorably discharged as Lance Corporal Richard G. Perez, a former soldier of the U.S. Marines who served in the Vietnam War during the 60’s, stationed west of Tam Ke, Vietnam, twenty-five miles from Loatian border where tragically sustained extreme injuries on February 7, 1967 during military missions. He served from 1966-67. His discharge occurred on April 1, 1968 from the U.S. Marine Corps at the Naval Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Our esteemed member had been a faithful member of the American GI Forum, Lucian Adams Chapter, Houston, Texas for a duration of fifteen years, and he held the position of former Lucian Adams Chapter Commander. In 2015, Angel Zuniga, American GI Forum National Commander, at the 66th American GI Forum Annual National Convention, accepted a resolution, unanimously voted, from our chapter supporting in awarding Mr. Perez a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic acts during the Vietnam conflict, an application that unfortunately did not reach the full attention of United States President Barak Obama.

In closing, our Chapter will always hold the honor and devotion to family, country and membership as a member of the Lucian Adams Chapter, American GI Forum. Funeral arrangements are in progress and will be release as soon as they are finalized.

Deepest sympathy,

John Martinez, State Commander, American GI Forum
and Jesus Cantu Medel, M.Ed., Local Commander
Lucian Adams Chapter, American GI Forum