Beatrice T. Perez Robstown Women’s Chapter Unveils 2019-2020 Hispanic Heritage Month Bus Wrap

By Patsy M. Vazquez-Contes, BTP Director of Events and Partnerships

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – On Sunday October 13, 2019, the American G. I. Forum (AGIF), Beatrice T. Perez (BTP) Robstown Women’s Chapter will  host the unveiling bus wrap ceremony with the theme: The Power of Hispanic Leadeship” on the Domingo Live Show (on Sunday, October 13, 2019 between 10:30 AM – Noon). Our Keynote speaker will be Robstown City Manager Herman Rodriguez.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15 each year to show awareness of the history, culture and contributions of American citizens whose ancestry originates from any one of the Latino countries is celebrated. 

"As children, we were all taught about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Betsy Ross, and other historical figures and facts that contributed to the early history of America.  This not only taught us the history of our country and forefathers; but instilled in every one of us an unwavering loyalty and patriotism to America. However, through the omission of our culture and contribution of our ancestors, we all suffered varying degrees of a disconnect from this history that was otherwise intended to be relatable." Beatrice T. Perez Chapter chairwoman Leslie Cristan stated.

"It is important that ALL children learn the contributions of their ancestors in the making of America as it will promote culture and patriotism.  When culture and language of a child are promoted, it helps to build that child’s self-esteem. It also allows for pride to set in because through your ancestors, you were part of something big!  Knowing that their ancestors contributed to the formation of this wonderful land, that we call home, instills an instant sense of belonging and patriotism.  As every child sees their face woven into the making of our country’s history, an unbreakable connection is created.  This connection will motivate our children to begin thinking about how they can also contribute and make a difference like their ancestors," she concluded.  

The AGIF Beatrice T. Perez Robstown Women’s Chapter serves as a voice for the Hispanic community, and all that their ancestors stood for and contributed.  During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor and recognize the history, culture and contributions of our local Hispanic citizens through a 40-foot Bus Wrap.  It is an honor for the BTP AGIF Chapter to recognize Hispanic culture and successful leadership in our community that is making a difference. Their contribution matters!

With community support, generous contributions and working together this will continue. The community will be able to resume this superb celebration of culture and contributions by Hispanics.  This will help to raise awareness that has impact on Hispanic families and communities and will continue the legacy of the AGIF and it’s mission, to serve Veterans, their families and disadvantage students.

Featured on the Bus are:

  1. Francesca Lozano AGIF BTP Member
  2. Le Roy Torres – U.S. Army Reserve (RET)
  3. Delia Alaniz– Gold Star Mother
  4. Wanda Garcia – AGIF Lifetime Member
  5. AJ BARRERA - Valedictorian Robstown High School
  6. Teresa Alaniz - Gold Star Mother
  7. Jesse Garcia –  Retired Asst. Police Chief
  8. Debbie Garcia - Herrman & Herrman
  9. Carlos Lopez - Majic 104.9
  10. H-E-B – Gina Sanchez Gulf Coast Region- Public Affairs Specialist
  11. David Noyola – County Commissioner
  12. Mary Ann Cavazos Beckett - Caller Times
  13. Ismael C. Salazar, President/Owner of Salazar Construction, Inc.
  14. Catherine Tobin Hilliard – Port of Corpus Christi Authority Commissioner
  15. SOLOMON P. ORTIZ – Former U. S. Representative for Texas’s 27th Congressional District
  16. Adrian Garza Publisher Inspire Coastal Bend Magazine

Thanks to community support, their time and consideration these partnerships of understanding continue to make this annual event a complete success. Gracias!