Dear Texas AGIF Members, 

Mrs. Tina Martinez, San Felipe del Rio Women’s Chapter informed the State Office that her husband Jose “Joe” Martinez, passed away yesterday evening, Thursday, July 10, at approximately 8:23 pm.  She did not offer any details but just wanted us to know. We, as members of the American GI Forum of Texas (AGIF) are shocked and saddened at the news and will stay in communication with her regarding any details and arrangements.

Joe was a retired U.S. Army Sgt and was serving as Chapter Commander for the AGIF Del Rio Dr. Fermin Calderon Chapter. He had also served as AGIF Southern Region Commander. He and his wife Tina with both Del Rio chapters have worked tirelessly to improve their clubhouse and help their community. They have been very active on both sides of the Border and have been honored by both sides for their work. The chapter has, in recent years, hosted a National Mid-year Conference, a State Conference and 2 Board meetings during Joe’s tenure. Joe will be missed.

On behalf of State Commander Ceasar Ruiz, State Chairwoman Sylvia Garza, the State Office and the entire Texas Board of Directors and members we offer our prayers and condolences to Tina and the entire Martinez family, Our official prayer tells us -- “For it is in Dying that we are born to Eternal Life. . . “ May Joe Rest in Everlasting Peace."